“Morning Light” - Fine Art Print

The photographer makes the image, not the camera.

As a professional photographer I am often approached by people who want to know about the equipment that I am using. At some point in the conversation I am usually told that I must get great images because of my equipment. They look at me in disbelief as I tell them they can get great images regardless of the camera they are using. The image “Morning Light” (below) is one such example: it was taken with an iPhone 4s, Yes, a camera phone! This is also the image that placed 2nd in the national “SanDisk Capture Your Critical Moment Smartphone Photo Contest!”

Here is the story behind the image:

Joanne (my wife) and I were in California for a three day stay at a bed and breakfast and decided to do a quick walk to see the ocean while breakfast was being prepared. The water was gorgeous, but the image you see here was behind us. I learned a long time ago to always look behind me and have been rewarded many times with some great images. I was kicking myself because two blocks away in our room was $20,000 worth of top of the line Nikon cameras and lens. I knew the light would be gone if I went back for it and was ready to chock it up to a missed opportunity. At Joanne’s urging I pulled out my phone and took a few quick images. Later, Joanne brought the image into the photo app and applied a few presets.

I thought “Wow this would make a good print!”, unfortunately only a small one as there was not much pixel information in the jpg provided by the app on the phone. So the next two mornings we returned with the Nikons in hand, but with disappointment returned without any images: The light just was not there. Once home, Joanne remembered the iPhone image and wanted to use it for wallpaper on her computer. I was quite surprised as to the quality of the image after I brought the original into Photoshop. The original unedited image was much larger and more usable. I reprocessed the image and recovered details not shown in the mobile app which produced a high quality print.

Our fine art prints are printed in studio one at a time from a master file. They are printed on 100% cotton rag, acid free paper using pigmented inks. Each is hand inspected to meet our rigid standards. Fine art print pricing starts at $60.00. Please contact us for more information.