“It is not just a headshot, it is an experience!” William E.

Headshots for Business & Medical Professionals, Models and Actors

You need to look like you with a comfortable and inviting expression.

It is very important for your headshot to look like you: it should be pleasant, and you should look friendly and approachable; like someone they want to meet and work with. We do not just get you in front of the camera and a few snaps and we are done. We take the time required to do it right.

Going to the mail room or having security use your ID badge photo for your company picture is like using your driver’s license photo. Everyone knows how well those turn out. This is the image of you that winds up being used on the company’s web site, emails, social media, and other promotional materials. You are also short changing yourself if you think a quick snap from your phone is a headshot. That is not what other successful professionals are doing and neither should you. In today’s environment with social media all around, you need a professionally done headshot. Going to a photographer and having them take 10-15 shots and letting you pick something online is not going to cut it either: What if you do not like any of them? You end up picking the lesser of evils and are still not happy, and you have a headshot that is not as effective as it should be. If you don’t think a great headshot is essential read this: The $350,000 business card.

The Art of a great headshot. So what makes us different?

We start by with talking with you, so we know what your natural expressions are. We take the time to get you relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera and shoot some images. We then look at them with you on a large monitor to see important details that you cannot see on the back of a camera. As we go through the images, we discuss and work with you on what might need to be adjusted or improved and start making some picks. We shoot some more, and then go back to the monitor. We continue this process until we have the perfect image(s) you want.

What looks best for you?

Perhaps you will want to achieve different looks: professional, casual, serious, or maybe just fun expressions. We encourage you to bring clothing changes and try different outfits. Sometimes one outfit just looks better than another one, even in a headshot. If you have longer hair you may want it all in the back, to one side or both sides in the front again depending on the look you are trying to achieve. Perhaps you want some images with glasses and without. All of these things do make a difference and we do not charge extra for that.

Retouching that looks Natural

We then discuss retouching: Our philosophy is that retouching should look natural and you should look like you. It should be hard to tell the image was retouched. We generally remove temporary blemishes, razor burn and flyaway hairs. We minimize undesired features such as wrinkles. We lighten (not whiten) eyes and teeth. We soften and smooth skin, so it will look natural and have texture. With over 20 years working with Photoshop, we keep up and know current advanced techniques, we can take retouching as far as you would like.

Full resolution images you are proud of!

You are done but we are not. Based on our discussion we then retouch the image and e-mail you a proof. At this point you might want to make some final changes. We will make any desired changes and send you a new link if needed. Once you approve we will send you the 8 x 10 full resolution digital image. This image is licensed for unlimited use without restrictions. We will also output web optimized images for Social media - these will look good and load fast on devices such as phones and tablets. We want you to be happy with the results!

We love client feedback:

“I’ve never had what I considered to be a good picture of myself. Well, at least until Gary Chisolm photographed me. Hands-down, his photography resulted in the best portrait I’ve ever had taken.” Read the full text of what Jim Deutschle had to say about us!

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