Jim’s Full Description of his Headshot Experience

When I was told that I would need a picture of myself on my business card, I got a large pang of anxiety. I’ve never had what I considered to be a good picture of myself. Well, at least until Gary Chisolm photographed me. Hands-down, his photography resulted in the best portrait I’ve ever had taken. This is not just my opinion, but also the opinion of people who have compared it with past photos.

The entire experience was delightful. Gary’s studio is in his home and I felt like a welcomed guest rather than a customer. Gary was courteous, polite and very relaxed with the entire process. He took the time necessary to make sure his photographs measured up to my satisfaction. He assured me that if none of the initial pictures were adequate that we would just take some more. After I was done posing, he took me to his computer room and we looked at the proofs. He asked specific questions about the quality and details of the pictures. These were details I probably would not have noticed had he not pointed them out. He was meticulous about his work and it was evident that a quality photograph was as important to him as it was to me. I received the finished product about one week later. Digital images were sent to me via email and he enclosed several formats for my business card, a picture that could be framed, and one that was more suited to being posted on social media.

But my experience didn't stop there. I am an amateur photographer and I could not help but notice the photos that were hanging in Gary’s home, photos the he had obviously taken. He, again, took the time to talk about his photos which included thoughts about composition, lighting, and other photographer technical stuff. In essence, I learned several techniques that I could use to improve the quality of my own photos. It was while we were looking at his work that I got a true sense of the passion that he puts forth in his photography and the quality he demands from the photos that he takes.

I was absolutely satisfied with the experience and the quality of the photos he took. Because I have seen a variety of his work and been a witness to the passion and detail he puts into his work, I highly recommend him for any type of photography work that you might want.