Hang in there! Our blog “Explore” is coming soon!

We want to get the web interface right before going live.

“Explore” will be a blog related to photography. We are not exactly sure where this journey will take us, but we want to have something for everyone. We would not only like along for the ride, but you can help us navigate this journey by letting us know what you would like to know about photography and related area.

We will have beginner tips that will help you take better pictures with your point & shoot or camera phone. If you have an SLR and want to learn how to use some of the various the settings on it, we are going to cover that. Photoshop…. with 20 years of experience using this epic software we can offer tips and trick to get things done. Questions and Answers – You ask we answer. Equipment: Cameras, lens, lighting and accessories, etc. If it is related to photography we will try and cover it.

Please stay tuned!