Chisolm Studios High School Senior Pictures

Senior Pictures

This is a special time in your life, a rite of passage. Your senior pictures will help you remember this is the time in your life that defines who you are.

As with all the photography at Chisolm Studios, we strive for photos as unique as you are. We incorporate your interests and ideas into your images that add to the distinctiveness of each photograph. Your memories are not in a studio with props used by everyone else. You may have that special place that means something to you, so we shoot on location – your location! Because we are a full service photography studio we also have a fully equipped studio space for your more formal yearbook image or your ideas which are best photographed in the studio.

No camera mounted flash here! For location shoots we bring studio lighting. Why? It just makes for better images! With studio lighting we balance the natural light with the light on you: the image will not have portions that are too dark or too light. You will look you like you, and the exposure will be perfect.

Senior Pictures Portfolio

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