Prints from your Phone or Camera

In this day and age everyone has a camera in their phone and, in the right conditions one can get a pretty good picture. Perhaps you have one or know someone that has a good phone picture that wants a high quality print suitable for framing. Most likely it could use a little work: cropping, color corrections and other minor tweaks. This type of fine tuning is nothing new: Ansel Adams spent hours in the darkroom making adjustment on his prints just to get the exact look he was after and is now known for.

Over the past decade we have been approached by several people who was aware of our Photoshop skills and asked if we could work on some of their phone camera images and deliver lab quality prints. One told us, “What good is an image in your phone if you never see it?” We have a group of clients who like to take pictures, but want high quality prints and they bring them to us. If you have some images you took and would like high quality prints hanging on your wall, give us a call.

“Morning Light”, the image below, was taken with an iPhone 4s at Half Moon Bay, just south of San Francisco. It took second place in a national contest. So why would a professional photographer use an iPhone to take a picture when they have tens of thousands dollars of camera equipment? Read the story behind “Morning Light”.