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Working from Home? With our experience behind the camera we offer some tips for looking your best when video conferencing from home. Video conference tips for successful professionals.

Chisolm Studios is a multi-award winning, full service photography studio. We have over 20 years of professional experience in portraiture, commercial and freelance photography. Our work continues to appear both nationally and internationally. We also routinely photograph for a number of magazines and calendars. Regardless of the type photography you are after we have a reputation for consistently exceeding client expectations by providing “wow” images. We are not a cookie cutter photographer, but we look for unique and different images for every assignment we do. This includes family and children's portraits, high school senior pictures and wedding photography. On the commercial and business photography side: we can provide images of your facilities, headshots, product photography, aerial photography, ad creation and more. Our studio is located in Granville, Ohio, reliably serving the greater Columbus area including: Granville, Newark, Heath, Pataskala, Pickerington, Reynoldsburg and locations beyond. We also travel to destination locations. There are various galleries above showing a just small sample and variety of our work. Remember: There's nothing more valuable than a printed family portrait or wedding photo hanging on your wall.

The headshot experience – Know what your headshot is going look like before you leave the studio.

Let us help you put your best face forward!

If you are in need of a new or updated headshot, let us help you get one that you will be proud of !!

You are your brand! Take a serious look at your current headshot. Is it doing you and your company justice? Does it look like you? Does it match your brand? If not, it’s time to cut it loose and replace it with one done right. The quality and style of your headshot conveys a lot about you as a person and signals how you conduct business and effects directly on your professionalism. If you are a business professional, medical professional, actor, model, author, write for a newspaper, magazines, or have a blog you need a professionally done headshot.

With the significance of social media in today’s business environment it is important that you have a current headshot. We take the time required to make your headshot look like you! Headshot photography is all about capturing your essence and expression. We built Headshots Ohio to explain what make us different. Let us help you put your best face forward. Complete Headshot details are here.

Other Services - Serving our clients include other services and imaging solutions:

  • Passport and Visa Photos: In need a passport or visa photo? We can do same day passport and visa photos that meet the respective governments’ requirements. Additional Passport or Visa Photo information can be viewed here.

  • Photoshop Expertise: We are the digital imaging experts! With over 20 years of Photoshop experience we can produce about anything you can dream of. Special effects, if requested, is one of the many things that helps us produce sensational and attention getting images. Take a look at some of our work: High Level Professional Digital Editing.

  • Digital Retouching: Our retouching is second to none. We believe that a properly retouched image should look untouched, like it has been not been retouched at all. We routinely work with book and magazine publishers on projects that require digital editing.

  • Photo Restoration: We can take your cherished faded, torn, stuck to the glass or otherwise damaged photographs and make them look new again. With today’s technology we can often make them look better than the original. Some of our Photo Restoration work can be viewed here.

  • Duplicating Photographs: Family history is important, Photographs of your ancestors that you have inherited where only one copy exists can be duplicated and distributed to your siblings and your children.

  • Micro - Macro photography: Do you have something small that you need images of? We have specialized lenses and lighting which allow us to photograph very small items and make large prints. Usually close up photography has limited focus. Our expertise allows us to get images that are fully in focus.

  • Print Ad Production: Are you a small business and need an occasional print ad for the newspaper or a magazine? We can produce “camera ready” attention getting ads to the exact size and standards that publishers love – they only have to place it and they are done. No additional expense for you!

  • Printing: In house we have wide format printers which allow us to custom print large photo quality images at the last minute if needed. We can print on everything from canvas, photographic, and acid free fine art papers.

  • Professionally Retouched Prints from your Camera or Phone: Do you have a picture in your phone that should be on your wall? Your pictures are part of your legacy; get your best ones professionally corrected and turned into lab quality prints before they just turn into digital dust. Prints from your phone.

  • Video Production: We produce video shorts that can be used on your web site which helps with SEO (search engine optimization) and you can also place on social media for even more exposure. With our high powered computers, video editing and special effects (both in video and photography) is no problem.

  • Art Reproduction: We are currently working with a number of artists reproducing their art with Giclée prints which allows them to keep their original work, yet share it with family and friends. Many of these artists are also now selling high quality prints of their work.

  • There is more! If there is something you are interested in and do not see it here please let us know! We love the challenge of finding attention getting unique solutions! If we cannot do it most likely we work with someone who we know, like, and trust to get the job done right. Contact us for more details!

New Publications that Feature our Photography: 2020 Granville Magazine & 2020 Granville Community Calendar

We are again pleased to share our work that promotes our local area and our economy. For the 9th year in a row our work is featured prominently in 2020 Community Calendar which was distributed to all addresses in the 43023-zip code in December 2019. The 2020 Granville Magazine is currently in layout and design stages. The cover however is complete, and our artwork is on the cover. We will also be supplying many of photographs for the articles inside. This is scheduled to be distributed July 2020. This date has since been pushed back due to the coronavirus situation.

Know, Like, and Trust

What separates us from other photographers? We don’t just take a picture; we develop relationships with our clients! We take the time necessary to properly create, in a comfortable and relaxed environment, a portrait that captures the spirit and personality of an individual or group. We know how important it is to have the right personal or family portrait. The family portraits captured today will become the heirloom photographs hanging on relative's walls for generations to come.

To promote businesses, we expertly and meticulously photograph commercial products to portray "real" looking images. We artistically and creatively solve the technical and challenging aspects of commercial photography. We want your business to impress your customers.

Many of our clients have become friends: They know, like, and trust us!

SFX – Photography with an artistic flare!

Some would call this “Hybrid” photography because it is of the blending of photography and art. We call it SFX. Using a select photograph we apply various unique special effects to it. We can also collage a number of these images into a distinctive large wall print. These can then be printed on canvas, metal or high quality photographic paper and hung on the wall and enjoyed for years to come. For a quick overview (just over a minute) please watch the video below.

Our Privacy Policy: We value your privacy, Our privacy policy can be viewed here.

Don’t just have a picture taken. . . be Taken by the Picture!

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